High Park School


HPS Update - September 9th

Hello HPS Families!

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the first week of school!  It has been wonderful to see all of the smiling faces in the halls this week!  We have some important dates to share with you and some things that are coming up that you will want to be aware of:

Meet the Teacher Open House - We will be having our Meet The Teacher Open House on September 11th from 5:30-6:30.  We look forward to supporting your child in the opportunity to share their school and classroom with you and to start building close connections between home and school.

Changes in Bell Time - In order to accommodate a few changes due to some changes in transportation this year we have had to move the end of our day up by 5 min.  The school day will now end at 3:05 pm rather than 3:10.  To access a breakdown of the blocks throughout the day, please go to http://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/Schedule.php.

Students Lates - We appreciate that getting back into the swing of things after the summer is a challenge and that getting out the door in time to start the day takes some getting used to.  Studies have demonstrated that being chronically late can be a problem for students and learning, not only does it cause a disruption to the classroom but can be difficult for the student.  Your support in getting your students to school on time is much appreciated.

Picture Day - Picture Day will be on September 9th for students in the Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten and students in grades 1-6 and 10th for students in the Early Education classes (AM & PM), Tuesday/Thursday Kinder class and students in grades 7-9 this year.  Watch for a handout coming home in a week or two from Lifetouch with information about Photos, the ordering process and prices.

Parking in Bus Lanes: Parking at HP has always posed some challenges and we recognize that it can be difficult to find a place to park during drop off and pick up.  We would like to provide a reminder about parking in the bus lane and being aware of crosswalks and students.  When parking, please ensure that you are respecting the posted bus lanes.  The exit to the parking lot can become congested with vehicles parked in an unsafe manner on both sides of the bus lane.  This poses a significant challenge for our bus drivers and makes it more difficult to depart safely.    Please be aware of your speed and surroundings when picking up and dropping off your children each day (the entire neighbourhood of High Park has a 30 km/Hr speed limit).  Stony Plain Bylaw and the RCMP have been out and about in the mornings talking to students about traffic safety and reminding parents to obey the posted limits.  Thank you for doing your part to help students arrive and depart school safely each day!

Cross Country Running - Our Cross Country runners will be participating in their first race of the season on Thursday this week at Meridian Heights.  The races begin at 4:15 for our youngest runners. For more information please see the letter that was sent home last week or email Miss Bazak at jbazak@psd70.ab.ca

Jr High Volleyball - Teams are up and running with Jr girls and boys teams and a Sr girls team.  The teams will be practising in preparation for their season this week with the Sr Girls in the gym on Monday, the Jr Boys on Tuesday and the Jr Girls on Thursday.  All practices run from 3:30-4:45

Terry Fox Run - The Terry Fox Run will be held on Friday, September 13th from 10:45-11:55.  We will be using the same loop that we have used in the past with supervisors posted at crosswalks/road crossings.  Students in the younger grades will walk/run as a class.  We also have a group of jr high students who will be joining our younger students to provide extra assistance in participating.  If you would like to join us we would welcome the company.  Students will have access to “I’m Running For…” stickers and pledge sheets will be sent home on next week, please use the online donation component if you wish to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation and support this cause.

Bikes & Scooters - It is wonderful to see everyone coming and going using human-powered means of locomotion, we see lots of scooters and bikes coming to school each day.  We wanted to provide a gentle reminder that students are expected to use the racks that are provided. They are located beside the grade 4-9 doors.  Students bringing their scooters/skateboards to school are asked to bring a padlock (key or combination) in order to secure their scooters/skateboards during the day.  We are asking that no scooter/skateboards be stored in the boot room.  Students who forget their locks can store their scooters in the storage shed by the entrance as well.  Students are expected to refrain from riding bikes, scooters and skateboards during the day and should leave them secured unless they are leaving the school grounds for lunch.

Grade 7-9 CTF for Term 1 - Students in grade 6-9 will register for their first round of CTF courses this week.  The descriptions of the CTFs for this term are available here.  Please take a moment to review the options with your child(ren) to talk about what you would like them to register in.  We will take care of the registration in class.  Students are expected to select three different choices for their CTFs and we will endeavour to give them one of their three choices.  If you have questions about the CTF process please contact the office.

Cell Phones & Students - Everyday there are many students in our upper elementary and junior high classes who bring their personally owned devices (cell phones, tablets, game consoles etc) for a variety of reasons.  These devices, when used appropriately provide important tools for students to use in their day to day activities.  However, there are frequently times where they cause issues and conflict within the normal operation of classroom activities.  As a result, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide the following information in regards to the use of cell phones during the day at the school.  

General Expectations

  1. Personally owned devices should not be in use or active during instruction.  This means that when teachers are teaching students are expected to have devices put away and headphones not in their ears.
  2. Teachers determine when devices can be used during the day.  There are times throughout the day when the use of personally owned devices is acceptable.  Teachers will communicate to students when these times are during classroom time, for example during independent work time it is understandable that students may wish to and find it beneficial to listen to music.
  3. Ultimately teachers determine when it is appropriate to use personally owned devices during the school day.
  4. The use of personally owned devices during the school day is a privilege.  Students who are not able to follow the expectations risk losing this privilege.

Consequences for Misuse

  1. First Offence - Teacher will provide a verbal redirection asking students to put the device away.
  2. Second Offence - Teacher will ask the student for the device and will keep it until the end of class at which point it will be returned.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated.
  3. Third Offence - Teacher will ask the student for the device and will keep it until the end of the next break at which point it will be returned.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated.
  4. Fourth Offence - Student will be referred to the office and device will be confiscated until the end of the school day.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated.
  5. Subsequent Offences - Students device will be confiscated for the duration of the school day.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated and to arrange a meeting to determine a way forward.
  6. If at any time the student refused to provide the device when it is requested they will be sent to the office and will move to the fourth level on the above scale.

We appreciate that this might take some time for students to become accustomed to and have been providing more reminders this week, however, in the coming weeks, we will begin to enforce this with more consistency.

Entry Doors - As in previous years we will be using the front doors facing Highridge Way for students in Grade 1-3 and the doors facing the bus lanes for students in grades 4-9.  Kindergarten and early ed students enter through the smaller doors facing the playground.  There are boot racks located at each door and students in K-6 are asked to store outdoor footwear on these racks.  Please make sure that your child’s shoes are clearly labelled with a permanent marker or a label to make it easy to identify them.  You would be surprised how many of the same shoes there are and it makes it far easier if we can easily connect shoes to students!

Newsletters & School Communications - You can expect to receive a copy of the HPS Update similar to this one weekly (usually on Sundays) and a copy of the school calendar with upcoming dates monthly will be posted to our website.  We will also be posting information to our website at highpark.psd70.ab.ca, these news items will take the place of the regular aspects of our monthly newsletter in addition to other important information.  


As always, should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the school at 780-963-2222 or via email at bspence@psd70.ab.ca or stop by the office!

Have a great week, see you on Tuesday!