High Park School Homepage News en-us Fri, 20 Sep 2019 02:16:54 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca HPS Update - September 15th September 16 Hello HPS Families! Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in our Terry Fox run this past week, it was wonderful to see students, parents and community members out and about enjoying the nice weather.  Looking ahead to next week there are lots of things on the go and we have some important dates to share with you and some things that are coming up that you will want to be aware of: Younger Students Staying at School During Extra-Curricular Events - With the start of extracurricular events for our Jr Highs, we wanted to take an opportunity to remind parents that ideally, younger siblings do not remain at the school during practices and games.  There is no additional supervision during these times and it can become challenging for coaches to focus on athletes as well as monitor younger siblings.  If siblings must stay they are expected to remain in the gym until practice is concluded. Changes in Bell Time - To accommodate a few changes due to some changes in transportation this year, we have had to move the end of our day up by 5 min.  The school day will now end at 3:05 pm rather than 3:10.  To access a breakdown of the blocks throughout the day, please go to http://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/Schedule.php. Students Lates - We appreciate that getting back into the swing of things after the summer is a challenge and that getting out the door in time to start the day takes some getting used to.  Studies have demonstrated that being chronically late can be a problem for students and learning, not only does it cause a disruption to the classroom but can be difficult for the student.  Your support in getting your students to school on time is much appreciated. Parking in Bus Lanes: Parking at HP has always posed some challenges and we recognize that it can be difficult to find a place to park during drop off and pick up.  We would like to provide a reminder about parking in the bus lane and being aware of crosswalks and students.  When parking, please ensure that you are respecting the posted bus lanes.  The exit to the parking lot can become congested with vehicles parked in an unsafe manner on both sides of the bus lane.  This poses a significant challenge for our bus drivers and makes it more difficult to depart safely.    Please be aware of your speed and surroundings when picking up and dropping off your children each day (the entire neighbourhood of High Park has a 30 km/Hr speed limit).  Stony Plain Bylaw and the RCMP have been out and about in the mornings talking to students about traffic safety and reminding parents to obey the posted limits.  Thank you for doing your part to help students arrive and depart school safely each day! Cross Country Running - Our Cross Country runners will be participating in their first race of the season on Thursday this week at Chichakoo.  The races begin at 4:15 for our youngest runners. For more information please see the letter that was sent home last week or email Miss Bazak at jbazak@psd70.ab.ca.  Jr High Volleyball - Teams are up and running with Jr girls and boys teams and a Sr girls team.  We are still waiting on our schedule but will continue with practices and our Sr team has a tournament this weekend.  Here are the details: Monday - Sr Girls Practice @ HP - 3:30-4:45 Tuesday - Jr Girls Practice @ HP - 3:30-4:45 Wednesday - Jr Boys Practice @ HP - 3:30-4:45 Thursday - Jr & Sr Girls Practice @ HP - 3:30-4:45 Friday - Sr Girls - Panthers Invitational @ SGCHS - Please see schedule from Mr Reeves for more information. Saturday - Sr Girls - Panthers Invitational @ SGCHS High Park Band - Our band program is changing a bit this year, in addition to offering it to students in grades 6-9 we are also changing the practice time!  In order to better accommodate student’s choices during CTF blocks and to allow for more consistent time, we are moving the band to an extracurricular activity that takes place after school.   We had 22 students come out last week to participate, if there are others who would like to join them please stop by the music room to talk to Mrs Schellenberger or come to the practice this week. The Band will practice on Thursdays from 3:30-4:45 in the music room, there will be some other commitments like performances and field trips throughout the year but advanced notice will be given for these so that families can plan for them.  For more information about the High Park band please contact Mrs Schellenberger at aschellenberger@psd70.ab.ca.  Please note that there is no supervision during this time available for younger students. Yearbooks are In!  - If you ordered a yearbook last year please stop by the office to pick it up from one of the ladies upfront.   Bikes & Scooters - It is wonderful to see everyone coming and going using human-powered means of locomotion, we see lots of scooters and bikes coming to school each day.  We wanted to provide a gentle reminder that students are expected to use the racks that are provided. They are located beside the grade 4-9 doors.  Students bringing their scooters/skateboards to school are asked to bring a padlock (key or combination) to secure their scooters/skateboards during the day.  We are asking that no scooter/skateboards be stored in the boot room.  Students who forget their locks can store their scooters in the storage shed by the entrance as well.  Students are expected to refrain from riding bikes, scooters and skateboards during the day and should leave them secured unless they are leaving the school grounds for lunch. Cell Phones & Students - Everyday there are many students in our upper elementary and junior high classes who bring their personally owned devices (cell phones, tablets, game consoles etc) for a variety of reasons.  These devices, when used appropriately provide important tools for students to use in their day to day activities.  However, there are frequently times where they cause issues and conflict within the normal operation of classroom activities.  As a result, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide the following information in regards to the use of cell phones during the day at the school.   General Expectations Personally owned devices should not be in use or active during instruction.  This means that when teachers are teaching students are expected to have devices put away and headphones not in their ears. Teachers determine when devices can be used during the day.  There are times throughout the day when the use of personally owned devices is acceptable.  Teachers will communicate to students when these times are during classroom time, for example during independent work time it is understandable that students may wish to and find it beneficial to listen to music. Ultimately teachers determine when it is appropriate to use personally owned devices during the school day. The use of personally owned devices during the school day is a privilege.  Students who are not able to follow the expectations risk losing this privilege. Consequences for Misuse First Offence - Teacher will provide a verbal redirection asking students to put the device away. Second Offence - Teacher will ask the student for the device and will keep it until the end of class at which point it will be returned.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated. Third Offence - Teacher will ask the student for the device and will keep it until the end of the next break at which point it will be returned.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated. Fourth Offence - Student will be referred to the office and device will be confiscated until the end of the school day.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated. Subsequent Offences - Students device will be confiscated for the duration of the school day.  Parents will be contacted to notify them that the device was confiscated and to arrange a meeting to determine a way forward. If at any time the student refused to provide the device when it is requested they will be sent to the office and will move to the fourth level on the above scale. We appreciate that this might take some time for students to become accustomed to and have been providing more reminders this week, however, in the coming weeks, we will begin to enforce this with more consistency.  Thank you for your ongoing support in helping students to develop the skills necessary to use these tools maturely and responsibly.   Entry Doors - As in previous years we will be using the front doors facing Highridge Way for students in Grade 1-3 and the doors facing the bus lanes for students in grades 4-9.  Kindergarten and early ed students enter through the smaller doors facing the playground.  There are boot racks located at each door and students in K-6 are asked to store outdoor footwear on these racks.  Please make sure that your child’s shoes are clearly labelled with a permanent marker or a label to make it easy to identify them.  You would be surprised how many of the same shoes there are and it makes it far easier if we can easily connect shoes to students! Newsletters & School Communications - You can expect to receive a copy of the HPS Update similar to this one weekly (usually on Sundays) and a copy of the school calendar with upcoming dates monthly will be posted to our website.  We will also be posting information to our website at highpark.psd70.ab.ca, these news items will take the place of the regular aspects of our monthly newsletter in addition to other important information.   Tabs for Wheels – Along with a local non-profit group, we are now collecting tabs from aluminium cans to support the purchase of motorized scooters for those in need.  This is a great way for children to get involved in helping others in our community!  Please send tabs with your children who will be able to place these in our collection bucket in the office.  Along with other local schools, we’re hoping to reach a goal of 1 million tabs this year!  Let’s help this great joint effort! Parent Learning Opportunity - Technology and the Teenage Brain - Technology is a huge part of our children’s lives—and a common concern for most parents who are learning how to keep up in an ever-changing world. Social media, video gaming, internet use and cell phones may already be topics of debate within your family. Come together to learn how this modern use of technology can impact the developing teenage brain. This session will review some of the risks but also the benefits of technology. Parents and teens will learn ways to stay safe and balanced in the use of technology to better support positive mental health.  The session is for the caregivers and teens to learn together grade 7-12. Register at www.surveymonkey.com/r/caregiversessions Where:  High Park School Day: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 Time:  6:00 - 7:30 As always, should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the school at 780-963-2222 or via email at bspence@psd70.ab.ca or stop by the office! Have a great week, see you on Tuesday! Bryn https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21629&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21629&stream=Homepage News Fair Notice - Violence Threat Risk Assessment September 11, 2019 - The goal of Violence/Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) process is is that every incident of youth violence in our communities be addressed. VTRA is early intervention – which is quite possibly prevention. The process is initiated and managed by school administrators who have received VTRA training from the Canadian Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response. Duty to Report There is zero tolerance for not responding. Prevention of youth violence is a community responsibility and it is everybody’s duty to report. Under-reaction is epidemic and a chief factor of escalation from thought to action. What is a Threat? A threat is an expression of intent to do harm or act out violently against someone or something. Threats may be verbal, written, drawn, posted on the internet, or made by gesture. Threats must be taken seriously, investigated, and responded to. In a culture of responsible reporting, students need to believe that they will be believed when they confide; their identity will be kept confidential; their information will be acted upon promptly; and their concern will be investigated thoroughly. Who is on a Threat Assessment Team? Each threat assessment team is multi agency. The team may include school staff, psychologist, police, child protection agencies, community mental health workers, hospitals, probation/parole and other professionals. What is the Main Purpose of a Threat Assessment? To ensure the safety of students, staff, parents, and others. To ensure a full understanding of the context of the threat. To begin to understand the factors that contribute to the threat maker’s behaviour. To view the student as in need of intervention rather than to be disciplined. To be proactive in developing an intervention plan that addresses the emotional and physical safety of the threat maker. It may include disciplinary action but will include appropriate supports to aid the student in developing and using positive strategies. To promote the emotional and physical safety of all. To ensure all school and agency partners are working together with a common understanding and protocol. What happens in a Student Threat Assessment? All threat making behaviour by a student(s) shall be reported to the Principal who will activate the protocol for the initial response. Once the team has been activated, interviews may be held with students, the threat maker(s), parents and staff to determine the level of risk and develop an appropriate response to the incident. Intervention plans will be developed and shared with parents, staff, and students as required and as appropriate. The Partners Education partners are committed to creating and maintain school environments in which students, staff, parents and others feel safe. Parkland School Division, Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division, Living Waters Christian Academy, Mother Earth’s Childrens’ Charter School, St. Matthew Lutheran School, and Columbus Academy - Bosco Homes have taken a lead role as there is a direct application to the health and safety of the school environment. Community Supports Aboriginal Parent Link - Native Counselling Services of Alberta Alberta Health Services – Childrens’ Mental Health Alberta Human Services – Children & Family Services Alberta Parenting for the Future Canadian Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response City of Spruce Grove Columbus Academy - Bosco Homes Schools Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional School Division No. 2 Family and Community Support Services – Spruce Grove Family and Community Support Services – Stony Plain Living Waters Christian Academy Mother Earth Children’s Charter School Parkland County Parkland School Division No. 70 RCMP SML Christian Academy Spruce Grove Fire Department Town of Stony Plain Additional information is available in the VTRA Fair Notice and Practice Information Brochure. For more information contact:  Leah Andrews Director, Student Services   Phone: 780-963-8421  Email: landrews@psd70.ab.ca https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=11877&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=11877&stream=Homepage News RCSD Team School Visits September 11, 2019 - Parkland School Division is working together with our partners in the Parkland, Evergreen and Area Regional Collaborative Services Delivery (PEA RCSD) area to support learning opportunities for students at our schools and in our communities. Members of the PEA RCSD team will visit our schools during the year. The team includes: Speech-Language Pathologist Occupational Therapist   The team may also include: Family School Liaison Coach / Success Coach Addiction and Mental Health Therapist Other developmental, social, emotional and behavioural services accessed by the school to support learner needs. This team will work with our School-Based Teams (teachers, support staff, and administrative staff) to support all children. They may visit classrooms and share ideas with the teacher. They will contact you as a parent/guardian directly if any follow up is required for your own child. To learn more about the Regional Collaborative Service Delivery partnership, please visit the Government of Alberta website. If you have any questions about RCSD visits to your school, please contact your school principal. https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21595&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21595&stream=Homepage News Strong Families: Kids Have Stress Too! September 5, 2019 - Parkland School Division is proud to present another FREE information series for local families. Developed by the Psychology Foundation of Canada, the Kids Have Stress Too! three-part program helps parents, caregivers and educators understand childhood stress and how to provide children with the tools to deal with stress effectively. It is a broad-based primary prevention program that provides awareness and skills to help young people become healthier and more resilient through learning how to manage their stress.   Dates: Tuesday, September 10, 17 and 24, 2019 Time: 6-7:30pm Location: Parkland School Division Centre for Education (4603-48 Street, Stony Plain) Presenter: Rebecca Plant (Alberta Parenting for the Future Association) Information and topics discussed will build on each other, so participants are asked to attend all dates, if possible.  A light supper will be provided. Limited childcare is available. Space is limited, so please register early to reserve your spot. To register, please contact: Vicky Mamczasz Family Supports Facilitator Phone: 780-963-8472 Email: vmamczasz@psd70.ab.ca   https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21413&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21413&stream=Homepage News 2019-2020 Busing Update August 27, 2019 - Transportation Services is experiencing a high volume of calls and change requests as we approach the 2019-2020 school year. We ask for your continued patience and note that you can expect a response within 2 business days. Many parents should have already received their confirmation of bus service and bus pass in the mail. If you have previously registered and received email confirmation that you are to receive bus service this upcoming year but you have yet to receive your bus pass in the mail, please contact Transportation Services at transportation@psd70.ab.ca.  Requests for bus service for students who are applying for cross attendance school placements, those who are ineligible for provincial grant funding and those who have requested alternate seat transportation (alternate locations other than one’s primary address) are also being processed and subject to availability. E-Link: Information including your specific bus stop and approximate times are available via a new easy online tool. E-Link login information and instructions have been sent in a separate email.  NEW for 2019-2020: Bus passes will be delivered via Canada Post to the primary mailing address in July. Any late registrants whose passes are processed must pick up their bus pass in person at Parkland School Division's Centre for Education at 4603-48 Street. Office hours have been extended in the Transportation Services office to accommodate parents' work schedules. The Transportation Services office is open from 7am-7pm between Monday August 26 and Friday, August 30.   As many are aware, necessary changes to the regional transportation system are being implemented to eliminate the $1 million dollar annual operating deficit within transportation.  Increases in direct busing of students to their schools and double running buses means changes to bus arrival and departure times at schools. Many schools experience no change, but six schools will experience bigger shifts this fall. To assist families in planning for those six schools with the biggest changes in advance of the specific bus stop information being shared and the launch of E-Link, the following are estimated times for the potential earliest and latest pick-up and drop-off times for bus service at affected schools: Bus times change will change throughout the year as students enter, leave or move within the Division.  Fees & Payment Arrangements All outstanding fees for the current or past school years are due by July 8, 2019 or transportation requests for the 2019-2020 school year will be canceled.  Payments can be made using Parkland School Division’s online payment system through PowerSchool parent portal account or in person at the Transportation Department at Parkland School Division’s Centre for Education 4603-48 Street, Stony Plain, AB, T7Z 2A8. Payment plan options are also available for the 2019-2020 school year. Parents or guardians must pay in full or make payment arrangements by July 8, 2019 in order to ensure bus service for the 2019-20 school year. For more information contact: Transportation Services Phone: 780-963-8452 Email: transportation@psd70.ab.ca   https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21183&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21183&stream=Homepage News Welcome Back Activities & Office Opening Office Opens Monday, August 19, 9am-3pm. See our regular office hours. Welcome Back Activities Tuesday, September 3 First Day of School Kindergarten students will have a staggered entry. Parents will be contacted with details. Wednesday, September 11 Meet the Teacher Night Friday, September 13 Terry Fox Run Friday, September 20 Dot Day Have a safe and happy summer vacation!   For more information contact: High Park School Phone: 780-963-2222 Email: HighPark@psd70.ab.ca https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=1473&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=1473&stream=Homepage News Special Board Meeting Highlights - June 25, 2019 June 25, 2019 - The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Special Board meeting held on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Special Board meeting. Update: The Board held its annual Organizational Meeting in addition to the regular Board Meeting. Trustee Lorraine Stewart was elected Board Chair by acclamation. Eric Cameron was elected Vice Chair by acclamation. All the new positions posted below as the result of the Organization meeting will be effective September 1, 2019. The Board Chair and Vice Chair will be sworn in at the Regular Board Meeting September 3, 2019. "I am humbled by the vote of confidence from fellow trustees and am honoured and excited to serve as Board Chair for the 2019-2020 school year," stated Trustee Stewart. "I have been mentored for the past two years by Eric Cameron, who has provided integrity and admirable leadership to the Board. I am proud to collaborate with my colleagues who clearly emphasize student success and well-being in all their decisions. We really are a future-focused and innovative organization." "I am honored to serve as Vice Chair on the Board of Trustees for PSD." stated Trustee Cameron.  "It has been my privilege to serve as Board Chair for all these years. Our dynamic team of Governors and Executive leadership keep the desire to serve students alive. It's an exciting time to be in education and I look forward to living out our new vision and mission daily." The following committee positions were also chosen:​ Education Committee Chairperson (Anne Montgomery) Student Advisory Committee Chairperson (Anne Montgomery) Benefit Plan Advisory Committee  (Lorraine Stewart) Teacher/Board Advisory Committee (Eric Cameron, Ron Heinrichs, Lorraine Stewart) Audit Committee (Ron Heinrichs, Paul McCann, Anne Montgomery) Advocacy Committee Chairperson (Paul McCann) Alberta School Boards Association, Zone II (Eric Cameron,Darlene Clarke) Public School Boards' Association (Ron Heinrichs,Sally Kucher-Johnson) Stony Plain Joint-Use Committee (Paul McCann) Spruce Grove Joint-Use Committee (Anne Montgomery) Alberta Teachers' Association Labour Relations (Eric Cameron, Darlene Clarke, Anne Montgomery) Central Alberta Assocation of Municipal and School Employees Labour Relations (Darlene Clarke, Ron Heinrichs, Sally Kucher-Johnson) International Union of Operating Engineers Labour Relations (Darlene Clarke, Sally Kucher-Johnson, Paul McCann) Council of School Councils (Paul McCann, Anne Montgomery) Teachers' Employer Bargaining Association Representative (Eric Cameron) Rural Caucus of Alberta School Boards (Sally Kucher-Johnson) The Board approved the Quarterly Financial Report for the period ending May 31, 2019. As of May 31st, 2019, revenues year to date were $102.1M and expenditures year to date were $104.0M resulting in a deficit of $1.9M. A deficit of $677K is forecast for year ended August 31, 2019. The Board approved the 2019-2020 Education Plan. The plan guides the strategic plans for the Division and Schools for the following year. The Education Plan for 2019-2020 and beyond are featured primarily as web-based in order to facilitate community access. The Education Plan is a key component in the education planning cycle which involves: Developing and updating plans that are aligned with provincial goals, outcomes and performance measures and the Division's Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs; Promoting meaningful community engagement; Preparing budgets in alignment with resource stewardship, and that support student learning to achieve the Ultimate Goal of Student Success and Well-being; and, Implementing strategies to maintain or improve students learning and achievement. The Board approved the Preliminary Budget for 2019-20 which has to be submitted to Alberta Education by June 30th. The preliminary budget indicates an operating deficit of $416,042 offset by the use of operating reserves. The total revenue is $132,806,272 with expenses of $133,222,314. The Board of Trustees approved the Fees and Allowances, as amended, for 2019-2020.  In the March 5, 2019 Fee Schedule, a fee of $3750 ($375 per month) is charged for participation in the Nature Kindergarten Program. This fee is collected to offset the staffing and operational costs as AB Education funds Kindergarten students at a .5 FTE rate. In 2019-2020, a pilot Full Day, Everyday French Immersion program is planned for École Broxton Park School. It is the intent to charge the fee of $3750 ($375 per month) to cover the unfunded portion of the staffing and operational costs. The previous Fee Allowances for 2019-2020 did not include a Fee for Adult Students. In some situations, it would be beneficial to charge an Adult Student Fee to allow students to finish their programs. This would be typically done through an Outreach or Alternative Education setting. Based on a comparison to other school jurisdictions, the new fee will be $100 per credit. Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 6pm, Centre for Education https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21249&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21249&stream=Homepage News New Vision & Mission June 11, 2019 - At the June 11, 2019 Regular Board Meeting, the Parkland School Division Board of Trustees approved the new Vision and Mission with the amendment and approval of Board Policy 1: Division Foundational Statements. The revisions come after months of engagement with stakeholders including staff, school administrators, a Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Team, a Students Advisory Committee, parents and the general public.  Based on the significant feedback received through various engagements, Parkland School Division Trustees and administration drafted updated vision, mission, and values statements that reflect core stakeholder input. Stakeholders support a strong focus on confidence and resilience. They expressed their support for healthy relationships, as this builds resilience which is important for motivating students beyond academics. The Ultimate Goal of Parkland School Division remains the same: Student Success & Well-being. The final version of these statements reflects the positive and passionate future of Parkland School Division and offers a strong foundation as the Board provides governance and leadership in the years to come. Our Vision Our students possess the confidence, resilience, insight and skills required to thrive in and positively impact the world. Our Mission We assure supportive learning environments, meaningful experiences and healthy relationships that create opportunities to develop resilience, to gain diversity in perspectives and to achieve enduring success. Foundational Statements Our Ultimate Goal is Student Success and Well-Being. We therefore value:  Learning opportunities that are: Purposeful Essential Relevant Authentic Responsive Excellence in achievement Trustworthy, respectful relationships Resilience with self-awareness We attend to these Priorities: Inspired Exploration Connected Community Confident Resilience Meaningful Engagement Wellness Culture Resource Stewardship For more information contact: The Division Office Phone: 780-963-4010 Email: DivisionOffice@psd70.ab.ca https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21157&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21157&stream=Homepage News Regular Board Meeting Highlights - June 11, 2019 June 11, 2019 - The Board of Trustees is pleased to share with all education stakeholders the highlights of our recent Board meeting held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The adopted minutes will be available on our website following the next Regular Board meeting. Update: The Board welcomed a delegation of Grade 7 students from Stony Plain Central School led by Principal Colleen Woloshyn and teachers Kyla Moore and Stephanie Mitchell. Austin Banks, Mason Chase, Serenity Foley, Tyler Harder, Jordyn Hill, Megan Kits, Isaac O’Neill and Nadifa Warsame presented: “Moving from Engaged to Empowered Learners”. In this project, students were challenged to effectively communicate their poetry theme using a chosen media to engage their audience. The Board extended formal congratulations to Grade 2 student Allyson Parnall from Forest Green School for receiving an honourable mention for The Honouring Spirit: Indigenous Student Awards. The awards are intended to recognize First Nations, Métis and Inuit students who model strength and commitment in the pursuit of their personal education path and embrace their own gifts, strengths and potential while celebrating the ways of their people.  The Board accepted the recommendation from administration to maintain its focus on transporting PSD students and reducing PSD's transportation operating deficit, and therefore refrain from reconsidering a cooperative busing agreement with Wild Rose School Division. The Board accepted and ratified the Local 955 International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), Memorandum of Agreement on May 9, 2019. On May 9, 2019 IUOE Local 955 voted 84% in favor of ratification of the new collective agreement term September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2023. It was agreed that for 2018 and 2019 there will be no wage increase and in 2020 no increase with a $150 total added to health spending. In 2021 there will be a 1% wage increase and in 2022 a 2% wage increase. The Board approved Board Policy 1: Divisional Foundational Statements which include a new Vision, Mission and Values statements for the Division. Vision: Our students possess the confidence, resilience, insight and skills required to thrive in and positively impact the world. Mission: We assure supportive learning environments, meaningful experiences and healthy relationships that create opportunities to develop resilience, to gain diversity in perspectives and to achieve enduring success. Foundational Statements: Our Ultimate Goal is Student Succes and Well-being. We therefore value: Learning opportunities that are: purposeful, essential, relevant, authentic, and responsive; Excellence in achievement; Trustworthy, respectful relationships; and Resilience with self-awareness. We attend to these Priorities: Inspired Exploration Connected Community Confident Resilience Meaningful Engagement Wellness Culture Resource Stewardship The Board approved the Trustee Travel to Japan - Shikaoi Delegation. The Board received as information the Engagement Summary Report. The Board received as information the 2019-2020 Education Plan Draft. The Board received as information the Technology Services Department Report as presented by Director of Technology Services Mark Karaki. Next Regular Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at 9:30 a.m., Centre for Education https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21165&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=21165&stream=Homepage News Additional Administrative Appointments for 2019-2020 May 17, 2019 - Parkland School Division’s Superintendent of Schools, Shauna Boyce, is pleased to announce the following administrative appointments for the 2019-2020 school year effective August, 2019.  Two new Principals will be in place for Tomahawk School and Seba Beach School while three current administrators move to new assignments. Four current Parkland School Division teachers will be transitioning to administrator roles and the Division welcomes another successful applicant from outside the province. “Parkland School Division’s administrative pool is deep”, stated Superintendent Boyce. “We are so excited for these additions to an already exceptional Leadership Team throughout the Division. Each successful candidate presents a unique skill set and body of experience but all are ready to serve our students by building positive relationships and will be strong members of their respective learning communities.”   Leanne Gruending,  Principal Seba Beach School (K-9) Leanne Gruending began her teaching career in 2009 and has spent most of her professional career with Bjorkdale School in Bjorkdale, Saskatchewan. She's been a Differentiated Instruction Facilitator, has taught English Language Arts & Creative Writing as well as Math and Art in the Middle Years and High School setting. She became an administrator as Principal in Bjorkdale in 2011 and has been a Principal at Lord Asquith School just west of Saskatoon in the Prairie Spirit School Division since August of 2013. Ms. Gruending earned her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2008 and a Masters of Educational Administration from the U of S in 2015. "I am incredibly excited to be a part of the community of learners and leaders in Parkland School Division. I hope to bring with me my energy, experience, enthusiasm and my passion for the Heart Work we do everyday as educators."   Fran Bell, Principal Tomahawk School (K-9)  Fran Bell’s teaching experience began abroad as a Middle Years Math, Language Arts and Social Studies teacher in Kalispell, Montana in 2004.. She first joined Parkland School in 2006 at Ecole Broxton Park School when she spent ten years in various classrooms from Grade 5 through 9. She moved to Woodhaven Middle School for the 2016-17 school year and then worked two years as a Collaborative Teaching Partner serving students in Parkland School Division’s west end schools. Fran’s most recent role has been as a Behavioural Coach on secondment to serve partners in Alberta Education's Regional Collaborative Service Delivery. "I am excited to continue the excellent work already established at Tomahawk School. I look forward to supporting staff, students, and families as we work together to build a positive learning community." Current Principal, Christa Nicholson, is returning to a full-time teaching position as a Collaborative Teaching Partner with a focus on numeracy, mental health and nature-based programming.  “We’d like to first thank Christa for her leadership and contributions to Parkland School Division’s Lead Team these past few years and for all she’s done in her hometown community," stated Superintendent Boyce.   Heather Brownlee, Assistant Principal Muir Lake School (K-9) Heather Brownlee has enjoyed various roles in Parkland School Division since 1994. She's been a classroom teacher at Queen Street Elementary and Muir Lake School covering Kindergarten and Grades 3 through 5. She has been the Literacy Lead at Muir Lake School since 2012, an Inclusive Education Lead and Acting Principal. Heather earned a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta in 1993. She has since added a Diploma in Inclusive Education from the U of A and has completed the requirements for a Masters of Education: Education Research, Specialization in Leadership from the University of Calgary as a member of the Parkland School Division cohort. "I am honoured to continue to serve the Muir Lake community as we welcome our new principal as we set our sights on continued excellence." Marc Dickner, Assistant Principal École Broxton Park School Marc Dickner has been teaching since 2008 with various roles in Edmonton Public Schools, Living Waters Catholic School Division, and Parkland School Division. His introduction to Parkland School Division came as a brief stint as a Phys. Ed teacher at Spruce Grove Composite High School. Since then, Marc has had teaching roles at French Immersion schools primarily in Early and Middle Years settings. He has a background in physical education and has been a member of the Division’s Tech Focus and Lead Learning & Technology Policy Framework groups. Marc earned his combined Bachelor of Physical Education/Education for Secondary at the University of Alberta in 2009. He completed the University transfer program with a Diploma in Kinesiology from Red Deer College. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Educational Studies & Work as well as Organization & Leadership through Athabasca University. "I am very grateful and honored to have worked, learned and professionally grown with the students, colleagues and families from École Meridian Heights School. I am very excited to begin working with the FUSION team at École Broxton Park School, particularly in building new relationships, promoting wellness through movement and the 'joie de vivre' for French Immersion."   Marsie Fisk, Assistant Principal Memorial Composite High School (Gr. 10-12) Marsie has had many wonderful opportunities as a teacher in Northern Gateway Public Schools and Parkland School Division. She began her teaching career in 1995 with job postings in Valleyview and Whitecourt. During her 10 years in Parkland School Division, she has held various roles including Math Teacher, Inclusive Education Lead, Learning Coach, and Assistant Principal at Connections for Learning, École Broxton Park School and École Meridian Heights School. Marsie earned her Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta, with a major focus in French As A Second Language. She recently completed a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from Vancouver Island University. “I feel so grateful to have worked alongside so many students and staff at Memorial Composite High School, École Broxton Park, Connections for Learning, and most recently at École Meridian Heights School. I feel as though I am coming full circle; returning to the high school fills my heart.  I look forward to supporting all the amazing things that are available to our youth at Memorial.”   Heather Huisman, Assistant Principal École Meridian Heights School (K-9) Heather’s educational journey began overseas in Japan teaching English as a second language to high school students in Tsuwano as part of Japanese Exchange Teaching Program. She travelled abroad from 1999 to 2001 before returning to the Edmonton area to begin her 17-year career with Parkland School Division. She’s provided modified programming for students with diverse needs in Grades 1 through 6, has been an Early Education teacher, a Collaborative Teaching Partner with Early Childhood Services and an Early Childhood Facilitator working with a multi-disciplinary team supporting school teams, children, and families throughout the division in Early Ed and Kindergarten. She has been a Collaborative Teaching Partner at Millgrove School since January, 2019. Heather earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 1999 as well as a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Portland in 2012. “I am excited to join the École Meridian Heights team and look forward to getting to know the staff, children and families within the community. I will miss the PSD ECS team, however, I am looking forward to sharing all that I have learned from this strong team and continue my learning and collaboration.” “We’d like to extend a big thank you to outgoing Assistant Principal Berenice MacKenzie for all she’s done for Parkland School Division students over the years. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours as she and her family pursue new opportunities in British Columbia.” stated Superintendent Boyce. Nicole Marcinkevics, Assistant Principal Graminia School (K-9) Nicole began her teaching career with Parkland School Division at Stony Plain Central School after earning her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta in 2008. In her decade in education, she has taught at Stony Plain Central School, Brookwood School, and Prescott Learning Centre, along with one year in Northern Lights School Division. Her most recent role in Parkland has been as a Collaborative Teaching Partner at Prescott, Graminia, and Parkland Village Schools working with Kindergarten to Grade 9 students and teachers in the area of literacy. Along with her teaching and team-teaching experience in Early Years classrooms, Nicole has taught Grade 7 band and developed a Career & Technology Foundations course for Prescott students interested in textiles and design. Nicole completed her Master’s of Education with a focus on Early Learning and Literacy from the University of Alberta in 2013. In 2016, she began a Master’s of Business Administration, with a focus on Leadership and Strategic Management at the University of Alberta School of Business. “I am honoured to continue working alongside Graminia staff and students in my new role and am excited to continue contributing to the great work already underway.”   Linnaea Nielsen, Assistant Principal Spruce Grove Composite High School (Gr. 10-12) Linnaea started her teaching career with Regina Public Schools teaching Grade 7/8 French Immersion.  She began joined Parkland School Division teaching in both the Maranatha Christian program and French Immersion programs in 2010, teaching Grades 5 through 9.  Linnaea began her administrative career when she took on her most recent post as Assistant Principal of Ecole Broxton Park School beginning in the 2015-2016 school year. Linnaea completed a Baccalauréat-en-Éducation from the University of Regina in 2008, which included 1 year at Laval University in Quebec City. She recently obtained a Master of Education degree, with a specialization in Leadership, through the University of Calgary.  "My time at École Broxton Park School has been extremely rewarding and I am grateful for the strong relationships I have built. I will miss the Fusion spirit. I look forward to building new relationships and it will be a privilege to work with the amazing staff, students and community of Spruce Grove Composite High School.”    Donna Miners, Assistant Principal Duffield School (K-9) Donna began her teaching career in 1991 with Wildrose School Division in Drayton Valley where she taught primarily Grade One and Grade Three. Her first stop with Parkland School Division was actually Duffield School in 2006 where she spent a total of eleven school years. Ms. Miners also had teaching posts with Grande Yellowhead School Division in that span. She has previously served in an Acting Administration role at Duffield. She’s held roles as Collaborative Teaching Partner and Acting Assistant Principal at Duffield School. Donna earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary in 1991 and is currently in the Masters of Educational Studies program at the University of Alberta. “I am honoured and excited to continue working with everyone at Duffield School. The dedicated staff, inspired students and invested community make this school a wonderful place to work!” Roni Pirot, Assistant Principal École Meridian Heights School (K-9) Roni Pirot has built a 16-year educational career working in various French Immersion and dual-track schools within the Seven Oaks School Division in Winnipeg. She has taken on roles such as: Classroom Teacher, in assignments from Grade 2 through 6, Learning Support Teacher and Acting Principal. Roni was selected to participate in the Provincial Committee for the Implementation of the New ELA Curriculum and the Consulting Committee during the renewal of the French Immersion curriculum. She's been involved in her Division's Aboriginal Education Planning Committee and has recently completed Treaty Education Training.  Roni has completed a Post Baccalauréat en administration scolaire et en litératie from the Université de Saint-Boniface. She is currently working towards a Master in Education in Curriculum Teaching and Learning from the University of Manitoba.  "I am honoured and grateful for the opportunity to become part of and collaborate with the staff, the students and the parents of the PSD community."   For more information contact: Mark Francis Deputy Superintendent  Parkland School Division No.70 Phone: 780-963-8417 https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=20803&stream=Homepage News https://highpark.psd70.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=20803&stream=Homepage News